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Coco Pricing

Coco Subscriptions are available as floating seats which cover all usage scenarios from small groups and individuals all the way through Enterprise development organizations.

The benefits of the Floating Subscription are:

  • Full control over when and by whom a license is used: a central license server maintains a repository of subscriptions.
  • Seamless scaling: additional subscriptions can be added easily to the license server as your need for test automation increases over time.
  • Flexible usage: all subscriptions can be shared freely in the company without any restrictions to physical sites.

Prices are based on the number of concurrently running instances of Coco, such as code instrumentation, merging of executions, report generation or using CoverageBrowser.

Every floating seat enabled code coverage analysis for all supported languages such as C, C++, C# and QML.

To use Coco with Embedded Toolchains, the additional Coco Cross-compilation SDK add-on needs to be added for each Coco seat.


Subscription productsper month / per seat with 1-year pre-payment
Coco Floating Subscription*124,17 €
Coco Cross-compilation SDK add-on82,50 €
* Minimum of 5 Subscriptions

The complete license text can be found here
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