Squish 6.4.3 Maintenance Release Now Available

Squish 6.4.3 Maintenance Release Now Available

froglogic GmbH is happy to announce a maintenance release of its flagship product Squish, the preferred tool for creating automated GUI functional regression and system tests for all desktop, mobile, web and embedded platforms. 

Squish 6.4.3 is a patch release containing bug fixes and stability improvements for all editions of the product. The following section highlights a few of the enhancements:


  • Removed unneeded reverse name lookup when attaching to an AUT by IP address, avoiding a 30 second delay when attaching to applications if the reverse name lookup runs into a timeout

Squish IDE

  • Resolved spurious warnings when editing BDD test cases claiming that no matching step definition can be found

macOS (Cocoa/Carbon) Edition

  • Fixed picking of NSButton instances on macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

Qt Edition

  • Added binary packages for Qt 5.12 on desktop platforms (macOS, Linux, Windows)

Web Edition

  • Improved reliability of hooking into Firefox and Chrome

Windows (native) Edition

  • Fixed regression which prevented loading of the UI Automation extension

This release provides a number of other code improvements and bug fixes. The 6.4.3 Release Notes provides a detailed list of all changes. The upcoming product release Squish 6.5 will offer new features for users of all editions, including new developments in Optical Character Recognition (OCR). 

Nick joined froglogic Marketing in 2018, following graduate study in computational mechanics and various Application Engineering roles within the software sector. When he’s not blogging for froglogic, he enjoys testing vegan recipes, reading poetry and modding his Subaru.

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