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What is Squish Test Center and how does it work?

Squish Test Center is a test result management system that can store the history of your test results for analysis of trends and platform-specific factors.
To trace back test results to test cases and requirements, links can be established back to the original items.
With a push of a button (or as part of a CI run) 3rd party test management and requirements management systems will receive notifications about the latest test results.
The documentation has a graphical conceptual overview drawing.

What about an integration to other testing tools?

The initial focus is support for test results as produced by Squish GUI Tester. An integration with Coco is going to follow for code coverage. Given the generic JUnit import facility, almost any other testing tool’s output can be consumed however.

What about integration with my favourite Test Management or Requirements tool X?

Integrations have been prepared for JIRA, TestRail, QAComplete, Zephyr and Xray. More integrations can be added rather easily given the underlying framework. Please let us know about your needs.
But even without dedicated support for a particular 3rd party tool the Generic integration features import and export of CSV files. With simple conversions to and from other formats, basically any other tool can be integrated.

Does Squish Test Center tie in with Jenkins?

Yes. The freely available Jenkins plugin features automatic uploads to Test Center after every test run in your CI system.

Does Squish Test Center work on my system?

The data storage and built-in server are designed to be very lightweight and runs on every average system running Linux, Windows or macOS. No server hardware or SQL database is required.

Is Squish Test Center going to be part of Squish?

The software is going to be bundled with future Squish installers. It is a separate product however. Affordable per-user licenses makes test results available to everyone in your team.

How do I apply for a trial?

Free and fully-functional trials can be requested via this web form.

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