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    Embedded systems exist everywhere and for a good reason. Computationally efficient, cost-effective, and with a tiny footprint, embedded devices power many of the automotive, medical, and consumer tech we use in our daily lives.

    This webinar will introduce a method for designing and executing automated, functional tests for the GUI frontend of your embedded HMI. We'll do so using a powerful, flexible tool for creating and automating such tests: The Squish GUI Tester from The Qt Company.

    Through real-world demos and with practical examples, we'll demonstrate how to:

  • cross-compile Squish for use on a target
  • automate your Application Under Test
  • record, replay and refactor test scripts in a modern scripting language
  • remotely control your device from anywhere
  • create test reports from your results
  • We'll also introduce Qt's Test Center: a test result management and analysis platform that aggregates and statistically treats your test result data for you. This platform, good for all members of the team: from the QA engineer to the developer to the Product Owner, will be shown in the context of cross-collaborative work, a defining characteristic of modern software development.


    Tomasz Pawlowski, Test Automation Consultant at The Qt Company
    Sebastian Polzin, Marketing Manager at The Qt Company

    Join us online to start creating robust, automated GUI tests which really work even in the face of product evolution.

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