Squish 6.6 Release Webinars

Squish 6.6 Release Webinars

We’re hosting two release webinars for Squish 6.6, this Wednesday and Thursday, July 8th and 9th, 2020.

Lead engineers from our development and support teams will demonstrate the latest additions to the Squish GUI Tester throughout this 1-hour webinar, including:

  • Scripting upgrades, Test Center & Squish IDE coupling, and general usability improvements for each edition.
  • One-click remote control of your target device.
  • Testing Qt for WebAssembly content in Squish.
  • Support for Windows Forms & WPF apps developed on Microsoft’s .NET Core.
  • Enhanced Android UI automation.

The webinar comprises 10-minute demo and discussion blocks for each topic, followed by a 2-minute Q&A portion for that topic.

Free Registration

We’re hosting two sessions for the Squish 6.6 release webinar. Register in your preferred time zone:

EMEA/Asia: July 8th, 11 AM CEST

Americas: July 9th, 11 AM EDT

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