Training Courses

Training Courses

Available for Squish GUI Tester and Coco Code Coverage

Squish GUI Tester and Coco Code Coverage are tools which can be used without training. However, to get your team up-to-speed quicker, or if you have special requirements, froglogic® offers Squish training and consulting packages.

Highly recommended is a 2-days training session with 1-3 days of consulting added to apply what has been learned with guidance from froglogic’s experienced consultants.


A typical Squish® GUI Tester training includes

  • Squish Overview
  • Installation and Configuration
  • The Squish IDE
  • Test Script Creation and Execution
    • Recording and Replaying Test Scripts
    • Verification Points
    • Test Results and Logging
    • Set Up and Tear Down Functions
    • Test Case Refactoring and Shared Functions
    • Data-driven Testing
    • Debugging Test Scripts
  • Object Recognition
    • Object Map
    • Object Names
  • Synchronization
    • Time-based Synchronization
    • Object-based Synchronization
    • Conditional Synchronization
  • Advanced Test Execution
    • Squish Command-Line Tools
    • Automated Batch Testing
    • Add-Ons and Integrations Overview
  • Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
  • Optional: Advanced Hooking Topics
    • Working with Multiple Applications
    • Hooking into Running Applications
    • Hooking into Sub-Processes

The content of a training can be adjusted based on individual needs.


Pricing examples:

  • 2 Days training + 1 day consulting: 4,990.00 €
  • 2 Days training + 2 days consulting: 5,990.00 €
  • 2 Days training + 3 day consulting: 6,990.00 €

All prices included the consultant’s/trainer’s travel and hotel costs, preparations and post followup.

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