Training Courses

Training Courses

Get Training from our Squish Test Automation Experts

To get your team up-to-speed quicker, or if you have special requirements, froglogic® offers Squish training and consulting packages. Highly recommended is a 2-Day Squish Training with 1-3 days of consulting added to apply what has been learned with guidance from froglogic’s experienced consultants. With a pre-training questionnaire or short online meeting, we can find the best training package tailored to your team’s needs. Additionally, we offer 1-Day « Introduction to Python » and « Introduction to JavaScript » trainings for test automators without any programming experience.


Training is organized at your office at the most convenience time. Thanks to that, during a consulting session, we have access to your test environment and can implement test scenarios for your Application Under Test. Optionally, training can be organized at froglogic offices.

Group Size

Because the training has a form of a workshop, the maximum number of participants is 8.

Training Content

During a training, we cover the main concepts with theoretical modules, demonstrations and practical exercises. We work with an example application to be able to show you all Squish concepts. The content of a training can be adjusted based on individual needs. We can use any programming language supported by Squish: Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl or Tcl.  Each participant should bring his or her own laptop. Working in pairs is also welcomed. 

A typical Squish® GUI Tester 2-Day Training includes:

  • Squish Overview
  • Installation and Configuration
  • The Squish IDE
  • Test Script Creation and Execution
    • Recording and Replaying Test Scripts
    • Verification Points (Properties, Screenshot, Visual, Table, Image, OCR Text)
    • Test Results and Logging
    • Set Up and Tear Down Functions
    • Data-driven Testing
    • Debugging Test Scripts
  • Object Recognition
    • Object Map
    • Object Names
    • Customizing Object Name Generation
  • Accessing Application Internals
    • Inspecting Application Objects
    • Accessing Object Properties
    • Calling Object Methods
  • Synchronization
    • Time-based Synchronization
    • Object-based Synchronization
    • Image-based Synchronization
    • OCR Text-based Synchronization
    • Conditional Synchronization
    • Event Handling
  • Test Framework Design
    • Shared Functions
    • Object Map modularization
    • Best practices
    • PageObjects Design Pattern
    • Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
  • Advanced Test Execution
    • Squish Command-Line Tools
    • Distributed Testing (remote hosts,  target devices)
    • Squish Reporting Capabilities
    • Automated Batch Testing
    • Add-Ons and Integrations Overview
  • Advanced Hooking Topics
    • Working with Multiple Applications
    • Hooking into Running Applications

Consulting Session

A consulting session can be conducted in a smaller group than the Squish training to maximize efficiency. The goal is to work with your Application Under Test and apply knowledge gained from the Squish training to implement example scenarios. If there is a need, we can solve any issues related to Squish installation and setup at your test environment, interaction with complex controls and object recognition. Following best practices for automated GUI testing, we will design a test framework, suitable to your situation. After the consulting session is over, your team will have a working solution that can be easily further developed. If you already have implemented tests, we can do a quick review and suggest some improvements.

Pricing examples
2-Day Training Package:
2-Day Squish Training
3,990.00 €
3-Day Training Package:
2-Day Squish Training
1-Day Consulting Session
4,990.00 €
4-Day Training Package:
2-Day Squish Training
2-Day Consulting Session
5,990.00 €
4-Day Training Package:
1-Day Programming Introduction
2-Day Squish Training
1-Day Consulting Session
5,990.00 €
5-Day Training Package:
2-Day Squish Training
3-Day Consulting Session
6,990.00 €
5-Day Training Package:
1-Day Programming Introduction
2-Day Squish Training
2-Day Consulting Session
6,990.00 €

All prices include the consultant’s/trainer’s travel and hotel costs, preparations and post-followup.

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