Squish – Java

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Watch the videos below to learn how to use Squish to test your Java application.

Squish – Release Webinars

froglogic provides release webinars for each new iteration of the Squish GUI Tester. We also offer weekly webinars on different topics in test automation where you have the chance to ask questions or give feedback to our developers.

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Rewatch Squish’s latest Release Webinars in case you missed them.

Coco – Code Coverage

Coco is a multi-language code coverage tool. Automatic source code instrumentation is used to measure test coverage of statements, branches and conditions.

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Watch the videos below to learn how Coco can improve your Code Coverage.

Squish Days Europe 2019

In October 2019 froglogic hosted its first conference, Squish Days Europe 2019 in Munich. The conference agenda was filled with talks led by our developers and industry Squish experts on different topics in the test automation space.

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In case you missed talks held during Squish Days 2019 or you just want to freshen up your memory – here is a selection of the talks held during the conference.