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Test Center

A central, lightweight test result management platform connecting test automation with the entire development process.

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Test Center aggregates your automated GUI tests in one place.

Test Center’s navigable results dashboard acts as a central repository for organizing, monitoring and analyzing your test outcomes across a project’s lifecycle. Offering automatic and intuitive statistical reporting of your results, Test Center allows you to ascertain the health of your development projects historically and as a project evolves in real-time.

Optimize your tests, and ensure all project requirements are fully realized with ready-made integrations to requirements and test management tools that you already use to support your dev and QA teams. Take advantage of a seamless pairing of Test Center with the Squish GUI Tester for direct import of your test executions as they happen.

Key Features to Enhance Your QA Process

Test Center’s feature-rich database enables your project stakeholders to achieve development goals no matter the project size or scope.

Anywhere Access


A lightweight web database
you can access from any device,
at any time.

Automatic Reporting


Analyze historical data of
your test executions with built-in,
automatic statistical reporting.

Requirements Management


Achieve traceability and ensure
all requirements are fully realized
with integrations to tools you already use.

Continuous Automation

Continuous Automation

Implement automatic result uploads from your Jenkins server for instant analysis of your pipeline projects.

Seamless integrations to your favorite tools

Test Center integrates with test and requirements management tools you already use to support your development and QA teams.



Testing Tools



Supported 3rd-Party Tools

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and many more to come…

GitLab Test Center Integration
Visual Studio Test Center Integration
Bamboo Test Center Integration
TeamCity Test Center Integration

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