• Squish tip of the week: Automation Setup on Windows

    24 Aug 2016 There are situations in which test scripts will hang and time out on Windows while executing. Most of this cases involve the lack of drawing/painting the application on the “screen”. The underlying problem is that if the GUI of the application cannot be rendered, its objects do not have coordinates on the screen and testing […] more

  • QtCon: Squish for Qt Training in Berlin

    23 Aug 2016 On September 1st, as part of the QtCon conference, our partner KDAB hosts a day of training. This training day allows you to gain knowledge in several Qt-related topics, including automated Qt GUI testing with Squish for Qt. froglogic‘s ISTQB-certified Senior Software Trainer Florian Turck will conduct the full-day Squish for Qt training and share […] more

  • Bug Location with Squish Coco 3.4

    17 Aug 2016 Locating a software failure can be a tenuous and a time intensive operation due to the fact of the explosion of the source code size and their test suite. Also the complexity of some software imposes an organization in which the test team is separated from the development teams. In this condition, it is generally […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: Automated Qt and QML GUI testing with Squish (Webinar)

    17 Aug 2016 View a full recording of the webinar* about automated Qt and QML GUI testing with Squish. During the Webinar, several questions were answered which can be found below the video. View more Webinars and Tutorials in our Video Library. Can Squish be integrated into continuous integration environments? Yes, we provide ready-made plugins e.g. for Jenkins […] more

  • Visual Testing of elements and controls with Visual Verification Points

    10 Aug 2016 What is Visual Testing? Visual testing is a testing activity that aims to verify the presentation properties of a GUI object under various conditions. Testing of GUI based systems and software consists of the validation of both the GUI visual layout and its functionality. Visual testing provides developers with the ability to monitor what was […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: How to setup a Jenkins slave to run Squish tests

    3 Aug 2016 Did you know that you can use Jenkins to run Squish tests? Jenkins, previously known as Hudson, is an open source tool for continuous integration* written in Java. Many companies use Jenkins to deploy and automate projects for their software life circle. As Jenkins supports the master/slave mode where the workload of building projects can […] more

  • Improved Management Of Object Names – Part 2

    25 Jul 2016 In a previous blog entry, we introduced an alternative, script-based, approach to maintaining a mapping of symbolic names (variables) to the actual object names (strings). By using script variables instead of free-form strings, the mapping was no longer stored in a separate text file but instead it was brought into the domain of the programming […] more

  • Improved Management Of Object Names

    19 Jul 2016 TL;DR: Using plain script language variables over the standard file simplifies refactoring and maintenance at the expense of losing the ability to generate (or reuse) the names when recording. NOTE: Throughout this blog article, we will use the JavaScript language for code samples. Everything shown here can be expressed in any of the programming […] more

  • Squish tip of the week: How to modify the WaitForObject timeout

    6 Jul 2016 Troubleshooting a script can be long and exhausting especially if there are objects which can not be found. Fortunately, we can adjust the timeout duration for waitForObject to save us some time. By default the duration of waitForObject is 20000 milliseconds (20 seconds), which looks like this: During the given time Squish will check if […] more

  • Squish 6.1 Beta Release - now with Visual Verification!

    5 Jul 2016 New feature release: Squish GUI Tester 6.1 Beta more

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