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Coco 4.3.1 Maintenance Release Now Available for Download

froglogic GmbH is pleased to announce a maintenance release of its code coverage analysis tool Coco, a cross-platform, cross-compiler C, C++, C# and Tcl code coverage toolchain for Windows, Linux, macOS and Embedded Systems.

Coco 4.3.1 is a patch release offering new bug fixes and stability improvements for all users of the product. Below is a listing of all enhancements:


  • Line coverage fixed for nested blocks with only sequential instructions inside.
  • Correction for coverage after merging differently preprocessed versions of a source.


  • Annotations from differently preprocessed source files are now imported correctly.


  • C# parsing issue concerning the null-coalescing operator (‘??’) is resolved.
  • C++ parsing issues now fixed.
  • Improvements to cases where the annotation of some lines was ignored.
  • Extremely long C# compiler commands are now handled correctly.

You can view these release notes and previous release notes in the Coco online documentation. Users will find the update available in their download portal, as usual.

Interested in evaluating a free and fully supported trial of Coco? Click here.



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