The froglogic team is excited to deliver a maintenance release of Squish Coco, version 5.0.1, providing our users with improvements to compilation and instrumentation, plus bug fixes in multiple aspects of the program.

Release Notes

  • Support added for instrumenting boolean expressions whose arguments are class instances with a custom conversion to boolean or integer types.
  • Resolved compilation problems on Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 which would occur when profiling was enabled.
  • Resolved compilation issues when using boolean expressions in template parameters.
  • Fixed issue in line coverage which would occur when a source line was instrumented in both a header and in a source file.
  • Fixed compilation issue when performing boolean operations on function pointers.
  • Resolved compilation errors with precompiled headers (where multiple stdafx.h are present) when compiling with Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Resolved issue with HTML reports causing broken source trees when the sources are spread over several Windows drives (C:\, D:\).

Newer to Coco? Join Us For A Webinar

We’re hosting a live webinar and Q&A on Squish Coco — August 25th, 2020 at 11 AM Pacific Time (5 PM Central European Time). Our Coco expert will:

  • Show you how to get the coverage of unit, interactive and automated GUI tests.
  • Cover identifying redundant tests and untested or dead code.
  • Discuss Coco’s features for optimizing your QA protocols, including Test Case Prioritization and Test Impact Analysis
  • Demo Coco’s reporting capabilities.
  • And touch on safety-critical applications and code coverage implications for these softwares.

This webinar is suited to those brand new to the tool, or intermediate users who want insight into some advanced features and best practices. Registration is free and open to all:

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