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froglogic Announces Results of the Squish Customer Survey 2010

Hamburg, Germany—2011-02-08 froglogic GmbH today announced the results of its Squish Customer Survey conducted in December 2010.

Squish is the leading functional, cross-platform GUI and regression testing tool that can test applications based on a variety of GUI technologies including Qt, Java AWT/Swing, Java SWT/RCP, native Windows and .NET, Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa, iOS Cocoa Touch and HTML/Ajax-based web applications running in different web browsers.

In December 2010 froglogic sent out a survey to its customers—with a prize draw to encourage participation. In the survey, participants were asked questions about the quality of the Squish product and about how satisfied they were with froglogic’s technical suppport service. Other questions sought feedback on froglogic’s future plans for Squish’s on-going development, and participants were also given the opportunity to provide open comments on Squish, such as feature requests.

The survey revealed that for 91% of the respondents Squish meets their expectations very well, and more then 97% of them would recommend Squish to others.

“We were delighted to discover that the survey’s feedback was overwhelming positive. This, of course, inspires us to continue our hard work on Squish to maintain and even improve our levels of customer satisfaction. Naturally, some respondents had some criticisms and feature requests—these have provided valuable information and will help us to target our improvements and future development to satisfy our users.”, said froglogic CEO and co-founder Reginald Stadlbauer

The Squish Customer Survey was answered by a large proportion of froglogic’s customers—and the prize winner has been notified! About a third of those responding were testers and developers while the remaining third were managers and QA leads. Of those who responded, fully two thirds have been using Squish for at least one year—in some cases for more than five years—while one third of respondents have used Squish for less than a year.

The survey revealed that 95% of the respondents found froglogic’s technical support service for Squish to be very responsive, and 96% found the support to be very competent and helpful.

About a third of the survey’s respondents took advantage of the opportunity to give additional comments. We were very grateful to receive these comments, and many of the feature requests and other suggestions will inform froglogic’s future development of Squish.

In addition to specific feedback, quite a few respondents were kind enough to give us praise—this is something our staff particularly appreciate in view of the hard work they put into making Squish and our support of it the best in the business. Here is a tiny representative selection:

  • “Great tool, just works!”

  • “Overly great and affordable tool. I can’t stop liking it…”

  • “Squish has eliminated 75% of our manual GUI tests on one project and we are continually finding ways to reduce out manual test procedures.”

  • “We are highly satisfied with the purchased product and the company’s services.”

  • “I have been impressed with the way the tool has evolved and also with the fantastic support I have always received.”

  • “Very good and responsive support system. One of the best tools that I have worked with in my career.”

If you are interested in evaluating or purchasing Squish, please contact or visit

About Squish

Squish is the leading functional, cross-platform GUI and regression testing tool that can test applications based on a variety of GUI technologies, including Nokia’s Qt Software Development Frameworks, Java SWT/Eclipse RCP, Java AWT/Swing, native Windows MFC and .NET, Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa, iOS Cocoa Touch, and Web/HTML/AJAX. Squish stands out from other GUI testing tools by giving test engineers the freedom to record and write tests using familiar scripting languages such as JavaScript, Perl, Python, and Tcl. Furthermore, Squish provides extremely tight integration with the specific GUI technologies it supports. This gives testers unprecedented access to the internals of the applications they are testing (to data items, controls, and widgets, etc.), and also leads to the production of very robust and stable GUI tests.

Squish itself, and all the tests created with it, are completely cross-platform, and work on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, and embedded Linux.

About froglogic

froglogic GmbH is a software company based in Hamburg, Germany. Their flagship product is Squish, the market-leading automated testing tool for GUI applications. More about froglogic is at

“froglogic” and “Squish” are registered trademarks of froglogic GmbH. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

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