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froglogic Announces Squish Integration for Mercury Quality Center

Hamburg, Germany – 2007-02-28 froglogic GmbH today announced the new Mercury Quality Center Squish Add-On. This add-on allows to create, run and manage automated Squish tests from within Mercury Quality Center.

Squish is a professional cross-platform functional GUI testing tool. It supports testing applications based on any of the following GUI technologies:

  • HTML/Ajax/Web 2.0 in a variety of web browsers
  • Java Swing/AWT and Java SWT/Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP)
  • Trolltech’s Qt class library
  • Mac OS X Cocoa and Carbon
  • Tcl/Tk
  • Four J’s Genero clients (GDC and GWC)
  • XView

Squish works on different platforms such as Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X and embedded Linux.

Squish offers a versatile testing framework with a choice of popular test scripting languages (Python, JavaScript and Tcl) extended by test-specific functions, open interfaces, add-ons, integrations into test management systems, a powerful IDE aiding the creation and debugging of tests and a set of command line tools facilitating fully automated test runs.

With the new Squish Mercury Quality Center Add-On customers can easily integrate existing Squish tests into Quality Center and control the complete test automation and testing process from within Quality Center. Squish reports test results back to Quality Center allowing Squish users to take full advantage of Quality Center’s management, statistics and reporting features to control and analyze the quality assurance process.

“The availability of a test management system for Squish tests is a requirement we hear very often. While it is easy to integrate Squish using its command line tools into any test management system, we are very excited being able to offer a ready-made integration into one of the most popular test management systems: Mercury’s Test Director”, said Frerich Raabe, Test Management Expert at froglogic.

If you are interested in obtaining a the Squish Quality Center Integration or would like to receive information about any other editions of Squish, please contact or visit

About froglogic

froglogic GmbH is a software company based in Hamburg, Germany. Their flagship product is Squish, a professional automated test tool for GUI applications based on Java, Qt, Tk or XView and for HTML-based web applications running in different web browsers. froglogic also offers Qt consultancy services and other and Qt-based development tools such as the Tcl/Tk/Qt migration framework Tq. More about froglogic at

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