froglogic will deliver a technical deep dive during the Qt Virtual Tech Con 2020, an online conference hosted by our friends at The Qt Company. The live, two-day event will feature 35+ tech talks, Q&As and more on Qt application design, development and related technology.

Code Coverage & Improved Product Quality

Our talk will focus on using code coverage analysis to enhance product quality. We’ll introduce Squish Coco, our cross-platform, cross-compiler toolchain for code coverage analysis of C/C++/C# and QML-based applications. Using practical examples, we’ll explore how you can use Coco to improve your dev and QA teams’ testing efficiency, while touching on key features of the tool, including function profiling, optimizing test execution order, blackbox testing and more. Finally, we’ll discuss analysis of safety-critical software applications, for which code coverage takes special meaning before bringing a product to market. 

When & Where

The Qt Virtual Tech Con 2020 takes place online, May 12 – 13th. Our talk will be given one day one, at 13:30 PST (22:30 CEST). If the schedule is not suitable for your time zone, you can still register to receive a recording of our, or any, session for on-demand viewing. 

Free Registration

Registration is free! You can signup in under 30 seconds on the event homepage. Look for our session, entitled Using Code Coverage to Enhance Product Quality.

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