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froglogic releases Pq, a Qt implementation of Perl/Tk

Hamburg, Germany – 2005-12-15 froglogic GmbH today announced the availability of Pq which is an implementation of the Perl/Tk GUI interface using Trolltech’s Qt toolkit.

Pq’s Perl/Tk-over-Qt implementation has several advantages over the original Perl/Tk implementation due to the fact that Qt is used as GUI toolkit. The major benefits include a more modern and native look and feel, much better performance due to the fact that Qt is implemented in C++ and the availability on more platforms such as Qt/Embedded. This allows to use the popular Perl/Tk scripting API to create modern GUI applications for embedded devices.

“Pq is supposed to be a drop-in replacement where all you need to change in existing Perl/Tk scripts is to replace the initial ‘use Tk’ statement with ‘use Pq'”, says Harri Porten of froglogic.

Pq is free software based on a BSD-style license and available at no cost.

“Working with froglogic has been an outstanding experience. Their depth of knowledge of the Qt toolkit was instrumental in creating Pq. I give them my highest recommendation”, says Paul Falbe of Cassens Transport who is using Pq to create the new version of Cassen’s mobile software.


For more information about Pq, its license and ways to contribute, please e-mail

About froglogic

froglogic GmbH is a software company offering Qt consultancy services and Qt-based development tools. froglogic was founded by two former Trolltech senior engineers, Reginald Stadlbauer and Harri Porten, who now use their experience and skills to serve the Qt 3rd party market. froglogic is based in Hamburg, Germany. More about froglogic at

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