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froglogic Releases Squish 1.3.1

Today we released Squish 1.3.1. This is a bugfix release and includes the fixes as listed in the ChangeLog file in the Squish packages. Customers and evaluators can now get Squish 1.3.1 packages from their download area.

Squish 2.0 preview

The next major version of Squish, Squish 2.0, is scheduled for release in August 2005. Beta versions will be made available in July. Among the main new features you will find the following:

  • Support for Qt 4.0
  • Multiple AUTs can be started, controlled and tested from one test script
  • Event handlers can be installed to e.g. react on message boxes which open unexpectedly
  • Many improvements in the MacOS X version of Squish
  • Much better user interface for inserting verification points. Also properties of non-QWidget objects can be accessed via the Spy.
  • A separate add-on for Valgrind support. This way Squish runs the AUT in the memory debugger Valgrind and displays the Valgrind log in the test results.

If you are interested in trying out one of those new features already now, please contact us at to obtain a snapshot of Squish 2.0.

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