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froglogic Releases Squish 3.4.5

Today froglogic released Squish 3.4.5. This is a maintenance release which fixes bugs reported since the release of Squish 3.4.4 in all Squish editions.

Squish 3.4.5 packages are now available from our customer’s download area.

A list of changes can be found in the ChangeLog file, and the Squish packages’ release notes are at

This is the last planned maintenance release of the Squish 3.4 branch. If you are already using a Squish 4.0 pre-release, please do _not_ “upgrade” to Squish 3.4.5!

All fixes included in Squish 3.4.5 are also present in the latest Squish 4.0 preview snapshots.

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