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froglogic’s Squish Supports Automated GUI Testing on Apple’s iPhone™ and iPod touch®

Hamburg, Germany April 28, 2009—froglogic has announced that Squish, its leading, automated GUI testing tool, will support the testing of Cocoa Touch based applications on iPhone and iPod touch devices and simulators.

Cocoa Touch provides an abstraction layer over iPhone OS, the operating system used by the iPhone and iPod touch. Cocoa Touch is based on the Cocoa® API and toolset used for building software for Mac OS X computers.

Squish is a professional, cross-platform GUI and regression testing tool that enables testers to create and execute automated GUI tests for applications based on a variety of different GUI technologies. This includes applications based on Nokia’s Qt, Mac OS X Carbon and Cocoa, Java SWT/Eclipse RCP, Java AWT/Swing, Web/HTML/AJAX, and many other UI technologies. Squish stands out from other GUI test tools thanks to its close integration with each supported GUI technology—a feature which helps ensure that tests created with Squish are very robust and stable.

Squish testing a Cocoa Touch application running in the iPhone simulator
Squish testing a Cocoa Touch application running in the iPhone simulator.

The Squish GUI testing tool is the market leading tool for cross-platform GUI tests and the only GUI testing tool on the market that is capable of testing user interfaces on devices such as smart phones, mobile phones, and other specialized embedded devices. In addition, froglogic’s Squish supports a wide range of desktop platforms—Mac OS X, Windows, and X11 on Linux and Unix—for automated GUI testing.

Squish’s distributed network architecture enables tests to be controlled from desktop PCs, or from a server, while the application under test is executed and tested remotely, for example, on other PCs, or on embedded devices, such as the iPhone or iPod touch.

“Squish has supported automated GUI testing on Mac OS X since 2005, with native support for the testing of Cocoa and Carbon based GUIs since 2007. These advances, along with the work done over the past few years to adapt Squish to work on several embedded devices and technologies, provided us with a lot of solid building blocks for extending our testing support to include Cocoa Touch applications on the iPhone and iPod touch.”

“We are also very excited by the interest the prospect of this new edition has generated both amongst our customers and from others who develop Cocoa Touch software. In fact, we are convinced that Squish will become an integral part of the development process for high quality iPhone applications.”

—Rainer Schmid, froglogic’s leading Mac OS X expert.

A prototype of Squish for Cocoa Touch has been completed. A final version of Squish for Cocoa Touch will be included in the upcoming Squish 4.0 release. For further information and pre-release snapshots, please contact To learn more about froglogic and Squish, please visit

About froglogic

froglogic GmbH is a software company based in Hamburg, Germany. Their flagship product is Squish, the market-leading automated testing tool for GUI applications based on Qt, Java AWT/Swing and SWT/RCP, Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa, and for HTML/Ajax-based web applications running in a variety of web browsers. froglogic also offers services in the areas of QA/automated testing and C++/Qt programming and consulting. For more about froglogic visit

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