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GUI Testing Specialist froglogic to Preview Squish 4.0 at EclipseCon 2009

Hamburg, Germany – 2009-18-03. froglogic GmbH will show a preview of Squish 4.0 at EclipseCon 2009 in Santa Clara next week. Squish 4.0 is the next generation of froglogic’s leading cross-platform, automated GUI testing tool.

Squish is a professional, cross-platform GUI and regression testing tool that enables testers to create and execute automated GUI tests for applications based on a variety of different GUI technologies. This includes applications based on Nokia’s Qt, Java SWT/Eclipse RCP, Java AWT/Swing, Web/HTML/AJAX and many other UI technologies. Squish stands out from other GUI test tools thanks to its close integration with each supported GUI technology—a feature which helps ensure that tests created with Squish are very robust and stable.

Squish 4.0 will come with a number of improvements including a completely new, Eclipse-based test development environment. Part of Squish 4.0 will also be a new Squish edition which supports testing of native Windows, MFC and .NET GUI applications. Several improvements in the existing Squish editions for Java, Qt and Web, will put the tool even further ahead of the competition. Another major improvement is that Squish 4.0 makes it possible to test software that combines different technologies—for example, a Java or Qt application that embeds a Web Browser such as Internet Explorer or that uses native Windows dialogs.

“I’m very excited about going to EclipseCon this year, where we will demo Squish at our booth in the exhibition hall. Last year’s EclipseCon was a huge success for us and made Squish much more visible in the American Java market. I’m confident that this year’s conference will enable us to win many more customers in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere, as businesses strive to improve the quality and reliability of the products they deliver,” said Reginald Stadlbauer, froglogic’s CEO. “We have invested a huge amount of time and effort into Squish 4.0, and it is shaping up very well indeed. It will be a pleasure to show all the new and exciting features to EclipseCon attendees.” Reginald added.

“We are excited to see froglogic again at EclipseCon and are glad to see their continued Eclipse commitment. The rich offering of commercial tools for the Eclipse platform is a vital part to Eclipse’s success.” said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation.

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About froglogic

froglogic GmbH is a software company based in Hamburg, Germany. Their flagship product is Squish, the market-leading automated testing tool for GUI applications based on Qt, Java AWT/Swing and SWT/RCP, Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa and for HTML/Ajax-based web applications running in a variety of web browsers. froglogic also offers services in the areas QA/automated testing and C++/Qt programming and consulting. For more about froglogic visit

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