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Improvements shipping with Squish Coco 2.1.7

Hamburg, Germany – 2013-05-22 – froglogic today announced the availability of Squish Coco 2.1.7. This maintenance release focused on speed improvements but also comes with additional improvements in other areas.

The main improvements of this release grouped by component:


  • Navigation buttons are now grouped into one toolbar.
  • Speed improvement of the source code viewer.
  • Speed improvement of the computing of the list of tests which are executing a source line.
  • Speed improvement of the of the text search in the source code function.
  • Scroll bar shows preview of the whole file’s instrumentation.
  • Tooltip which displays the detail of an explanation of a source line.
  • More intuitive text search function.


  • Support for “for each” C++ syntax extension of Microsoft® Visual Studio®.
  • Support of ccache wrapper.
  • Detect dead code after a try/catch block.
  • Fixed some precompiled header issues.


  • Speed improvement of the generation of EMMA-XML reports.
  • Speed improvement of the generation of HTML reports.
  • HTML report displays the detailed instrumentation report in a tooltip.

See the release notes for a detailed list of changes.

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