Exploring options for automated testing of your HMI? Need assistance in meeting a safety-critical standard? Considering adopting code coverage tooling for your embedded device?

froglogic has you covered at this year’s Embedded World conference in Nuremberg, Germany. Read on to get an idea of how our solutions in the embedded sphere can assist your team in meeting its development and quality assurance goals.

Embedded GUI & HMI Testing Needs

With the Squish GUI Tester, froglogic’s flagship tool for automated GUI and HMI testing, you’ll benefit from dedicated support for cross-platform test automation of your embedded applications. From life-saving medical wearables to in-vehicle infotainment systems, Squish offers state-of-the-art functionality for functional regression and system testing of embedded HMIs and connected devices in any industry context.

Code Coverage Analysis & Embedded Devices

Squish Coco‘s embedded platform and multi-language support enables embedded application developers to measure code coverage of their device’s tests. With automatic source code instrumentation, you’ll quickly be able to identify tested, untested, redundantly tested or dead code, which will serve to shape your test design and improve the efficiency of your team’s testing efforts.

Safety-Critical Software & Tool Qualification

Embedded software is found ubiquitously in the safety-critical systems sphere. In teams developing safety-critical software, where protocols mandate that tools involved in the dev and test processes be qualified, froglogic offers custom Tool Qualification Kits for both Squish Coco and the Squish GUI Tester. Each kit we offer is designed on a case-by-case basis, fully customized to the safety context of your software, and results in a set of documents that can be made available to the appropriate authorities to reach a safety-critical standard. Benefit from a significant savings in costs associated with preparing reports required to meet a standard and enjoy peace-of-mind during routine auditing by authorities with our comprehensive Kits.

Result Analytics & Management Needs

At this year’s Embedded World, we’ll be demoing our newest product, Squish Test Center, a central, lightweight web database which aggregates and treats your test results across a project’s lifecycle. Squish Test Center offers automatic and intuitive statistical reporting of your test results, allowing you to ascertain the health of your development projects historically and as a project evolves in real-time. Through ready-made integrations to multiple 3rd-party test and requirements management tools, you’ll be able to optimize your tests and ensure all project requirements are fully realized. Test Center offers seamless pairings with the Squish IDE and CI systems to enable continuous automation: upload your results directly as they happen.

Where to Find Us

You can find froglogic as a co-exhibitor alongside The Qt Company in Hall 4, Stand 4-258. If you’d like to schedule a one-on-one with one of our engineers, email us at sales@froglogic.com.

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