froglogic, the makers of the automated GUI Testing Tool Squish and Code Coverage Analysis Tool Coco, will exhibit at this year’s STAR EAST conference in Orlando, Florida, this May 1st – 2nd. 

Wondering if Squish or Coco is the right match for your needs? Check out some of the Q&A’s below, and meet us in person for in-depth discussions on these questions and more during the conference:

Why Squish?

The Squish GUI tester is unique in that it offers unparalleled support for all major GUI technologies, operating on all desktop, mobile, web and embedded platforms. 

I need to test my application across multiple platforms. 

No problem. Squish is a 100% cross-platform tool, requiring no changes to your tests when porting them to different platforms. 

What about non-standard UI controls? 

Unlike other tools on the market whose focus is on one object recognition method, Squish offers both property-based recognition and image-based recognition methods to identify all types of UI controls, including anything from standard menu dropdowns and buttons, to non-standard third-party controls and 2D/3D graphics or plots. Both methods may be used standalone or combined in a single test case. 

How can I get non-technical project stakeholders involved in the testing process?

The Behavior Driven Development (BDD) approach centers around stories written in common language that describe the expected behavior of an application, allowing technical and non-technical project stakeholders to participate in the authoring of feature descriptions, and therefore tests. The Squish IDE provides never before seen tooling support to create, record, maintain and debug Behavior Driven GUI Tests. 

What are the advantages to bringing Squish Coco into my development processes?

Squish Coco, a multi-language, cross-platform/-compiler code coverage analysis toolchain, uses automatic source code instrumentation to measure test coverage without requiring any changes to an application. Use Coco to find out how much of your tests are hitting your code, and which parts of your source code need more attention. Often, Coco is the tool of choice for many customers looking to achieve safety certifications in their safety-critical applications. 

What if I need help?

froglogic is routinely ranked exceptionally high on standards of customer technical support. With over 75% of the team working in development and technical support roles, your questions will be answered in a manner that is both timely and thorough. froglogic also offers personalized one-on-one and group training, in addition to consulting services. In short, all your needs will be met by our support staff. 

Our experts will be available to demo powerful features of both products, helping new users get started with our tools and aiding existing users with furthering their testing efforts.

Attendees can find froglogic at booth #20.

To get in touch with us or to schedule a meeting with a froglogic representative, please contact

We’ll see you there!

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