Qt Marketplace: A New Hub for Community- and Partner-Created Extensions

Qt Marketplace: A New Hub for Community- and Partner-Created Extensions

The Qt Company, a partner of froglogic, recently unveiled a new, one-stop-shop for its rich partner- and community-created ecosystem of Qt extensions, add-ons and modules: The Qt Marketplace. The Qt Marketplace serves as a central platform for accessing an ever-growing library of Qt-related tools, libraries and plugins, meant to aid the development and testing efforts for your Qt-based application.

froglogic is excited to be a part of this effort to extend the functionality of the Qt framework. The Qt Marketplace offers a new, central way to access our tools, including the Squish GUI Tester, a test automation tool with a dedicated edition for automating GUI tests of Qt-based applications, and Squish Coco, a code coverage toolchain for C/C#/C++ and QML applications.

No longer is the need present for developers and designers to scour the web for Qt-related resources. Now, the over 1 million users of the Qt Framework can access a community-driven, centralized hub of innovative tools and add-ons that will benefit their development workflows.

You can explore what’s already in the marketplace, or submit your own Qt extension for publication by visiting https://marketplace.qt.io.

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