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SDC Systems and froglogic Cooperate To Accelerate UK Market Penetration of Squish Coco

After a great start into 2017, SDC Systems and froglogic today announced a strategic partnership to build a localized offering of the Squish Coco Code Coverage tool in the UK market.

froglogic’s Squish Coco is a cross-platform, cross-compiler coco code coverage tool featuring test coverage analysis of C, C++, C# and Tcl code. Squish Coco supports all coverage levels up to MC/DC and MCC which is required by the highest industry safety standards.

Squish Coco, being a technology agnostic tool by design, enables it to easily integrate into all kinds of test frameworks allowing the addition of code coverage analysis to existing development projects with very little extra effort.

“We are very excited to start working with SDC Systems as our main distributor and local expert for Squish Coco in the UK”, says Reginald Stadlbauer, CEO of froglogic. “SDC Systems is a renowned expert in the UK market for development and test tools. By having Squish Coco added to their product portfolio this will be a great benefit for our customers and allow us to further accelerate growth in the UK”.

“We see froglogic as a great addition to our product portfolio”, says Stuart Parker, Managing Director of SDC Systems. “Squish Coco provides a market leading set of capabilities across a broad range of toolchains, and being truly test tool agnostic it enables us to integrate with our clients test tool of choice.”


About SDC Systems

SDC Systems provides a portfolio of essential tools, technologies and services to enable organisations to deliver safe and secure applications both quickly and cost effectively.

Our business has been built on the concept of sourcing, understanding and combining new technologies to enhance and accelerate our client’s business performance. We assist our clients in adapting these technologies, as well as providing full integration, deployment, support and additional engineering services.

About froglogic

froglogic GmbH is a software company based in Hamburg, Germany with additional offices in the USA and Poland with over 3,000 customers world-wide. froglogic is the vendor of QA tools for software developers and QA engineers. froglogic’s Squish Testing Suite consists of the cross-platform and multi-language code coverage analysis tool Squish Coco and the GUI Test Automation Tool Squish GUI Tester.

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