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Speed-Up Release Squish Coco 2.1.8

Hamburg, Germany – 2013-09-25 – The 2.1.8 release of Squish Coco provides instrumentation database size reductions and significant processing speed improvements.

The main improvements of this release grouped by component:


  • More compact storage of C++ header instrumentation data. This results in reduced output file sizes and significant post-processing speed-ups.
  • Better detection of dead code after switch/case statements.


  • Interactive selection of source files used for analysis.
  • Configurable color scheme for better viewing experience.


  • Individual source files can be excluded from the report generation.
  • The EMMA-XML report now includes information about function parameters.


  • For convenience and better performances cmcsexeimport is now able to import multiple execution report files in one go.

See the release notes for a complete list of changes.

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