The froglogic team is happy to deliver a maintenance release of the Squish GUI Tester, version 6.6.1, available now for download.

This release brings with it important bug fixes for Qt, Web, and Windows editions of the product, along with improvements to the Squish IDE and to scripting capabilities. Read on to learn about the changes new to Squish 6.6.1.

Release Notes


  • Fixed a regression in Squish 6.6 which caused drag and drop operations to fail when executing tests on Windows.
  • Fixed abnormal program termination when calling squishserver --stop, even with no squishserver instance running.

Squish IDE-specific

  • Fixed a problem which caused the Squish IDE to show no objects in the Application Objects view upon reaching a breakpoint. This issue occurred when executing Squish for Web test suites or in test suites which implicitly start the AUT instead of calling startApplication explicitly.
  • Fixed performance regressions in the Squish IDE which caused sluggish behavior in opening files, switching test cases, etc.


  • Resolved an issue in which the JavaScript function OS.system would not work as expected on Windows when executing commands involving non-Latin characters.
  • Fixed various cases in which incorrect script code for script-based object maps was generated when using Tcl.
  • Fixed an issue with leaking variables declared with let or const in the header from for-in or for-of loops.


  • Filename completion in Qt file dialogs was disabled for cleaner recordings and to avoid problems due to lost input focus with Qt 5.11 and later.
  • Fixed issues with picking objects in Qt 5.15 applications when using Squish on Windows.


  • Fixed a problem with hooking up Firefox on systems which would automatically change the Squish-specific startup URL from:



  • Fixed a problem with nativeMouseClick, typeTest and tab activation in Microsoft Internet Explorer with a website URL longer than 127 characters.

Windows (native)-specific

  • Improved support for newer version of DevExpress Grid controls for WPF.

Download & Evaluation

Customers and current evaluators can find the new Squish 6.6.1 packages in their download area.

Brand new to our tools? Try out Squish today with a free trial of any edition. Our evaluation versions are fully-featured and come with our industry-recognized customer support.

Revisit the Latest Additions to Squish

Our last major release brought a number of new and exciting features to Squish, including an integrated remote control solution for testing remote systems, enhancements to scripting, Qt for WebAssembly and .NET Core support, and improved Android UI automation.

If you want a recap of the newest features, check out our last release webinar, given by the engineers who developed the features:

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