On Day 1 of the conference, we offer two concurrent, full-day training sessions on the Squish GUI Tester. 

Track 1: Squish Intensive Training Pt. I & II

…intended for users with one year or less experience with the Squish GUI Tester who are looking to advance their skills in automated testing.

Track 2: Behavior-Driven Development (morning)
              Test Scripting & Refactoring (morning)
              Object Identification (afternoon) 
              Automation & Integration (afternoon)

…intended for users looking for more topic-focused training sessions, for which these suite their interest.

Day 2 of the conference is filled with talks given by our development team, select customers and partners. These sessions are diverse and cover everything from Image-based search and OCR to code coverage for safety-critical applications to cross-platform mobile and web testing and more

Whether you’re new to Squish or a seasoned expert, we promise you’ll leave Squish Days with new tools, new methodologies and new insights into advancing test automation efforts for you and your team.

Sign up today to reserve your spot in one of our full-day sessions:

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