Day 1 of Squish Days opens with three concurrent, full-day workshops on the Squish GUI Tester, designed to benefit our attendees’ range of proficiencies and interests. 

To view the details of each session, click below: 

Workshop 1:

  • Squish IDE Basics
  • Test Script Creation & Execution
  • Object Recognition & Object Map
  • Time-based, Object-based & Conditional Synchronization
  • Automated Batch Testing

Workshop 2:

  • Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
  • Automation & Integration

Workshop 3:

  • Test Scripting & Refactoring
  • Object Identification

A social event for all attendees rounds out the first day.

Day 2 of the conference offers in-depth seminar-style discussions on diverse topics in the test automation space. We’ve curated a collection of talks tailored to the needs and varied interests of our attendees, hosted by our experts in development and technical support. A preview of these is given below:

Getting Started on HMI Testing of Embedded Devices

From coffee machines to medical devices, small computers are getting embedded almost everywhere. Often, these devices have a display and their HMI is implemented using Qt.

This talk gives an introduction to testing of Qt applications which run on operating systems of such devices (Embedded Linux, QNX, Windows CE).

GUI Testing in DevOps: Challenges and Solutions for Continuous Integration

DevOps approach to software creation and delivery is getting more and more popular. On a daily basis, engineers are facing different problems with introducing GUI test automation to their application lifecycle. We will talk about requirements, common problems, obstacles and solutions that might be useful in your organization.

Squish and Coco: Fit for Safety-Critical Applications?

International standards like IEC 62304 and ISO 26262 regulate the development of safety-critical software in the medical, automotive and other industries. Naturally, testing is a critical part of the process.

We will look at the recommended activities that can be covered in an automated fashion through tools like Squish and Coco.

The replacement of manual testing activities demands having equivalent confidence in the tool, however. We will review the risks associated with usage of a tool and propose measures to gain the needed confidence. Part of this consideration will be best practices for the development of tests.

To view the full schedule and abstracts, click here.

Get to Know Us

Our speakers include experts from our development and technical support teams and froglogic’s co-founders and CEOs. Learn more about us through our professional bios

General Info:

Squish Days Europe is hosted at Le Méridien Munich – Bayerstraße 41 80335 Munich, Germany.

Space is available at the hotel for overnight accommodation. Other hotels in the area include:

Each of which is less than a 5-minute walk to the conference.

Squish Days registration is filling up fast – sign up today!

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