froglogic is excited to announce the newest addition to its software quality product portfolio: Squish Test Center.

Built to enhance your development workflow, Squish Test Center is a central, lightweight test result management database which connects test automation with the entire development process.

Squish Test Center: An Overview

Squish Test Center aggregates your automated tests in one place. Its navigable results dashboard acts as a central repository for organizing, monitoring and analyzing your test outcomes across a project’s lifecycle. Offering automatic and intuitive statistical reporting of your test results, Test Center allows you to ascertain the health of your development projects historically and as your application evolves in real-time.

Test Center enables teams to:

  • Organize an unlimited number of test reports based on operating system, compiler or other user-defined filters.
  • Get on top of the latest test failures faster.
  • Quickly identify slow running or flaky tests.
  • Compare two result uploads side-by-side for failure analysis.
  • Achieve traceability with external test and requirements management tools.
Squish Test Center Explore View

Squish Test Center’s Explore Page. Click to enlarge.

A Feature-Rich Database to Achieve Your Development Goals

Squish Test Center offers several key features to support your existing Quality Assurance processes:

Visit our Features page to learn more.

Coupling with the Squish GUI Tester

Built from the beginning to support automated GUI tests created with the Squish GUI Tester, Test Center couples naturally with Squish.

Uploading your test results to Test Center is usually the first step in getting up and running. You can upload your automated GUI test results interactively from within the Squish IDE, or via the command line using a squishrunner call. Uploads can include attachments like log files and captured screenshots that pair with your results.

The coupling also provides users with the ability to download results from Squish Test Center into their Squish IDE. This enables users to debug failures on their local system using the powers of the IDE. You can: ‘View Differences’ for the various Verification Point types, correct failures using the ‘Use as Expected’ feature, or simply look at the script code conveniently by jumping to different failure locations using the backtrace included in the reports.

Seamless Integrations to Your Favorite Tools

Squish Test Center offers multiple integrations to external test and requirements management tools, Continuous Integration servers and issue tracking and reporting platforms. These integrations enable you to achieve traceability between Squish Test Center and the external system, and allow for automated result synchronization between them. Click on the icons below to learn more about a specific tool integration:

Jenkins Integration
Xray Integration
Zephyr Integration
TestRail Integration
QAComplete Integration
Jira Integration
Confluence Integration

Featured Blogs

Check out our Test Center How-To blogs written by the developers who created the product:


Squish Test Center’s competitive pricing was designed to accommodate the needs of our customers, whether they be in a small team or part of an enterprise-level operation. Pricing is incremental based on the number of users, with discounts added for larger user groups.

No matter your license package, you’ll have full access to all benefits of Test Center, including unlimited test execution import, advanced statistical reporting and full functionality of any of our 3rd party integrations.

A Test Center subscription includes unlimited support and access to all patch-level, minor and major releases of the product.

Get in touch with us to get a quote for a Test Center subscription that’s adapted to the size of your team and your organization’s needs.


We welcome new evaluators to request a free, fully-supported and fully-functional trial.

Release Webinars

We’re hosting a free, live webinar + Q&A on getting started with Squish Test Center. Join us in your preferred time zone:

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