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Test Center 1.1.1 Maintenance Release Available

froglogic’s dev team is happy to provide our users with a new release of Test Center, version 1.1.1, with the latest packages available in the download portal.

Version 1.1.1 is a patch-level release containing a small number of bug fixes and improvements:


  • Resolved an issue which blocked use of the Generic Traceability view, wherein items were not rendered properly.
  • Fixed a bug in graph tooltips, which caused the tooltips to be rendered outside of the visible screen area.
  • Resolved a minor issue in which the Graphs page would in some cases display pagination.

Revisit Test Center 1.1 Features

Test Center’s 1.1 major release brought with it new features for improved data analysis, additional external tool integrations and performance enhancements for the platform. We cover these new features in a release webinar hosted by Test Center’s lead developer, Nico Kaufmann. You can watch it here:

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