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Jumpstart your GUI test automation efforts with professional test development services.

froglogic offers custom test development services for teams who want to incorporate GUI test automation with Squish into their workflows, but who may lack the resources or time to get started on their own.

These services projects include the design, delivery and implementation of automated GUI test cases within a functionally sound and powerful test framework. Characterized by close collaboration between our consultants and your development or QA team, each project is customized to your application(s)’ specifications and requirements and the overall goals of your team.


Choosing our expert Squish consultants for your test development project means a significant increase in product quality and major savings in time, team effort and cost.

How It Works

Each test development project is unique and planned according to the needs and preferences of your team. Projects will start with a free, initial consult to determine feasibility, and from there, upon mutual agreement, a project is kicked off. A typical project schedule will include the following project phases:

Our team checks the compatibility between your application and Squish and conducts a risk assessment.
Candidates for automation are selected, and a test environment is setup.
Test cases are designed and scripted, according to project goals, and application and feature requirements.
Optionally, teams can purchase a training course before handover, to ensure longterm success.
A seamless transition of duties takes place, enabling your team to continue future test development.
Optionally, we can arrange for longer-term maintenance of your automated tests following a formal handover.

How We Work

When you purchase a test development plan, you’ll be paired with experienced Squish specialists who stick with you for the entire project timeline. Our work with your team can summarized in the following four points:

Flex Hours

Project hours can be stretched over time to fit into your own project planning timeline; hours are consumed only during active work.

Iterative Design

We deliver test cases incrementally; you won’t have to wait until the conclusion of the project to see results.


We use Version Control Systems to share our work with you; you can review the test cases at any time, with or without our help.


We’re available for ad-hoc meetings, planned online sessions and status meetings for the duration of the project.

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