Training Courses

Training Courses

Available for Squish GUI Tester and Coco Code Coverage

To get your team up-to-speed quicker, or if you have special requirements, froglogic® offers Squish training and consulting packages.

Highly recommended is a 2-days training session with 1-3 days of consulting added to apply what has been learned with guidance from froglogic’s experienced consultants.

A typical Squish® GUI Tester training includes

  • Squish Overview
  • Installation and Configuration
  • The Squish IDE
  • Test Script Creation and Execution
    • Recording and Replaying Test Scripts
    • Verification Points
    • Test Results and Logging
    • Set Up and Tear Down Functions
    • Test Case Refactoring and Shared Functions
    • Data-driven Testing
    • Debugging Test Scripts
  • Object Recognition
    • Object Map
    • Object Names
  • Synchronization
    • Time-based Synchronization
    • Object-based Synchronization
    • Conditional Synchronization
  • Advanced Test Execution
    • Squish Command-Line Tools
    • Automated Batch Testing
    • Add-Ons and Integrations Overview
  • Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
  • Optional: Advanced Hooking Topics
    • Working with Multiple Applications
    • Hooking into Running Applications
    • Hooking into Sub-Processes

The content of a training can be adjusted based on individual needs.

Pricing examples:

  • 2 Days training + 1 day consulting: 4,990.00 €
  • 2 Days training + 2 days consulting: 5,990.00 €
  • 2 Days training + 3 day consulting: 6,990.00 €

All prices included the consultant’s/trainer’s travel and hotel costs, preparations and post followup.

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