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Automated Visual GUI Testing

Full Remote Display Automation with
Squish GUI Tester

Automated cross-platform GUI Testing for all applications on desktop, embedded and mobile platforms.

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    Technology Agnostic

    Abstract away the implementation — Squish for VNC is UI technology independent.

    Real Acceptance Tests

    Perform real acceptance tests by seeing — and verifying — exactly what the user sees.

    Identify Custom Controls

    Smart image detection and AI-powered OCR tech make identifying and testing custom UI controls robust and reliable.

    Holistic Testing

    Squish for VNC automates the entire display. Seamlessly test multi-process applications.

    Full Network Transparency

    Access your desktop or embedded system’s User Interface remotely.

    Simplified Migration

    Switching to Squish? Benefit from simplified migration by reusing your image assets from another other tool.

    REC Global

    “In my opinion it [Squish for Qt] is a very good testing tool and quite intuitive and easy to use. I was using it in conjunction with Qt and it was very nice experience.”

    Synopsys India

    “Squish is one of the key software used by QA in my team. Please renew it every year.”

    Charlie Kimball, Software Engineer

    Squish is the one UI testing tool I have worked with that actually seems to get better the more I work with it.

    Weatherford Petroleum Consultants (WPC)

    “We did a long search for testing software and as far as I can see we are covering all the testing we can think of using Squish. The fewer tools we need the better and so the potential coverage of Squish is one of its truly excellent features.”


    “Looking back, I would like to say that I had a good feeling throughout the whole evaluation with froglogic, as your style has always been very customer-oriented, even collaborative indeed. I am looking forward to using Squish, and to working with you.”


    We’re very happy with Squish, it’s a really important tool for us, and the technical support has been excellent.


    “I’ve evaluated Squish with our product on Mac. It’s more efficient than eggPlant auto that test team is currently using. I’ve recommend it to auto test team & senior manager.”


    “So many thanks for your and your colleagues excellent and quick service! This really was one of the smoothest problem fixes of this format for me.”

    Nokia India

    “The quick and responsive support from froglogic makes using Squish a very pleasant experience.”

    Squish for Web Evaluator

    “I have been able to evaluate Squish and I must say the experience is awesome. This is especially with BDD test scripts and the recording feature that comes with it.”

    Android Evaluator

    “Almost immediately Squish runs rather smoothly and our Android app was instrumented correctly. Quite surprised we were, because we tried several tools before Squish and we were not successful.”


    You did a great job and Froglogic has a very responsive support. We are happy.

    How It Works: OCR & Image-Based Testing

    Squish for VNC pairs two advanced technologies in one edition: OCR and Image Search.

    • Highly configurable Image-based lookups (per-pixel tolerance, image cross-correlation, multi-scale image lookups)
    • Use of image groups to represent a single UI object (e.g., for those components that have differing appearances due to different rendering styles or cross-platform tests)
    • Powerful Fuzzy Image Search
    • Onscreen text recognition & verification
    • Font, font size, decoration & rendering modes accounted for in OCR
    • Varying letter widths, diffferent kerning or shifting line break positions allowed

    More Info

    Check out our online documentation and blog for more information on Squish for VNC, including user guides and tutorials.

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