Squish for Java

Test your Java applications using the Squish for Java edition. Squish for Java works on all Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X platforms, with dedicated for support applications based on Java Swing/AWT, SWT/Eclipse RCP or JavaFX. Scripts created on one platform work without modification on all other supported platforms.

The Squish for Java edition includes dedicated support for:

  • Testing applications based on Java Swing/AWT, SWT/Eclipse RCP or JavaFX
  • Testing Java Web Start (JNLP) applications
  • Testing Java applets
  • Windows only: Testing embedded native Windows controls (when combined with Squish for Windows)
  • Standard Swing/AWT/SWT/RCP/JavaFX controls
  • Complex Swing/AWT/SWT/RCP/JavaFX controls (Item views, menus, tabs, etc.)
  • GEF controls
  • Embedded web content (in combination with Squish/Web)
  • Custom controls derived from Swing/AWT/SWT/RCP controls
  • Extension plugin mechanism to add dedicated support for complex custom controls
  • Script access to the complete Java APIs
  • Access to all standard and complex objects and object properties

GUI Toolkits

  • Swing
  • AWT
  • SWT
  • Eclipse/RCP
  • JavaFX

GUI Controls

  • Standard controls
  • Complex views
  • GEF
  • Embedded Web Browser

Script Access

  • All classes
  • All methods
  • All properties

Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • Linux/Unix
  • Mac OS X
  • Embedded Linux