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HP Quality Center – QC ALM Add-On

Managing Automated Testing across multiple platforms is challenging without the right combination of tools. Adding froglogic’s Squish to HP’s Quality Center ALM streamlines test execution and manageability.

HP’s Quality Center provides a comprehensive quality management interface, integrated with froglogic’s Squish to manage, execute and review your cross-platform test suites from a single user interface. Our clients use the HP QC add-on to import, manage, execute and monitor their Squish test suites; expanding their test suite manageability from a single platform and limited set of technologies to the extensive list of Squish supported technologies and platforms.

Use the HP QC Add-on to:

  • View all Squish Edition test suites from a single interface
  • Create, Manage and Execute Test Plans remotely
  • Automate and Manage Test Plan Execution Schedules
  • Associate and Track Defects Identified During Test Execution
  • Provide Comprehensive Reporting and Test Execution Metrics
  • Monitor Testing Success to Improve Coverage and Quality Over Time

Squish Increases HP QC’s Automated Testing Platform and Technology support:

Mac OS XYesNo
Qt EmbeddedYesNo

Some HP QC users continue using their existing QTP test suites, and expand their testing coverage using froglogic’s Squish, increasing their automated testing to many more technologies and platforms.

The HP QC integration takes your Squish GUI Testing to the next level, combining multi-platform and technology support with a single user interface accessible to all team members.

  • Deliver results using centralized test plan creation and visibility
  • Improve communication between Development and QA, as well as visibility to management.
  • Create valuable metrics to improve, adapt an expand testing coverage in a short period of time.

Squish is an open and flexible system, enhanced by the HP QC add-on, delivering a comprehensive quality management solution across an extensive set of technologies and platforms.

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