Powerful and Intuitive Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The Squish IDE, built on Eclipse, provides a feature-rich integrated development environment for GUI testing. Complete with test management, script debugging and an interactive application object spy.

Mächtige und intuitive Test-Entwicklungsumgebung

Move easily from one task to another, using Squish’s customizable activity-based Perspectives, automatically placing the correct tools at your finger tips as you create and manage your test suite.

  • Record and execute tests with a single click
  • Review interactive Test Results describing errors and highlighting corresponding lines in the script
  • Quickly organize your Test Suite, dragging and dropping Test Cases to the desired order of execution
  • Create and maintain local and global scripts, verification points and test data from a single interface
  • Inspect your application objects using the object Spy
  • Set breakpoints, stepping through scripts, monitoring variables and recording Snippets, or additional actions
  • Interact with application objects, methods and scripting language specific commands using Squish Console

Find out what else is possible from the Qt offering that Squish is now part of

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