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Reliable GUI Test Automation that works.

Use Squish for the automation of you cross-platform desktop, mobile, embedded and web GUI tests. Watch the Video to Find out More!

Testing the user interface of today’s applications is a very complex and error-prone task. Automating this task is challenging, but approached correctly very rewarding.

The Squish GUI Tester is the tool of choice for several thousand companies worldwide and a 100% cross-platform tool, features

  • In-depth support for all major GUI technologies
  • Full support for all desktop, mobile, web and embedded platforms
  • Powerful and reliable object identification and verifications
  • No dependency on screenshots or visual appearance
  • Powerful integrated development environment (IDE)
  • A wide range of popular script languages
  • Full integration of Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
  • Full control via command line tools
  • Integrations into Test Management and CI-Systems

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