Squish for Web

Test your Web applications using the Squish for Web edition. Squish for Web works on all Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X platforms. Scripts created on one platform or browser work without modification on all other supported platforms and browsers.

The Squish for Web edition includes dedicated support for:

  • Web-based applications with HTML/DOM/AJAX
  • Embedded JavaApplets (when combined with Squish for Java)
  • HTML5 web-based applications, including new elements and drag-and-drop
  • Embedded native Windows controls (Windows only / when combined with Squish for Windows)
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (Mac OS X and iOS), Chrome, Opera
  • Cross-platform/cross-browser testing without changes
  • All HTML/DOM based GUI controls
  • Complex custom controls using extension plugin mechanism
  • Script access to the complete DOM/JavaScript APIs
  • Standard and complex objects and object property access