Prices and Licensing

Who needs a license?

A Squish license is needed by every person who creates, edits or debugs test scripts, and for the running of test scripts. Rights to run test scripts in an automated, unattended, hands-off manner (ie., in conjunction with nightly builds or continuous integration) are typically included at no extra charge in Squish licenses. Contact us should you need pricing for someone manually running tests who does not need a Squish license for creating, editing or debugging test scripts.

Licenses are offered in bundles for use from small groups and individuals all the way through Enterprise development organizations.

Besides being licensed according to user, Squish licenses are also specific to one or more Squish Editions (Qt, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Java, Web, etc.)

License Models

Support & Updates

Each license includes a one year subscription of unlimited email support and updates (patchlevel releases, and minor and major releases). After the first year, to continue taking advantage of technical support & updates, the support & updates subscription needs to be renewed.