Squish Subscriptions are available as floating seats which cover all usage scenarios from small groups and individuals all the way through Enterprise development organizations.

The benefits of the Floating Subscription are:

  • Full control over when and by whom a license is used: a central license server maintains a repository of subscriptions.
  • Seamless scaling: additional subscriptions can be added easily to the license server as your need for test automation increases over time.
  • Flexible usage: all subscriptions can be shared freely among colleagues in the company, no matter which site they are located at.

Prices are based on the number of concurrently running instances of the Squish development environment (Tester Subscription) and the number of concurrent test executions (Execution Subscription). Every floating seat supports all Squish editions for GUI toolkits like Qt, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Java and Web.

On top of that, each Squish Floating Tester Subscription Seat includes two Test Center User Subscriptions as well as technical support and updates. To use Squish on Embedded Targets, the additional Squish Tester Cross-compilation SDK add-on needs to be added for each Tester seat.

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