TeleNav is a leading provider of connected car and location-based platform services, focused on transforming life on the go for people — before, during, and after every drive.  Leveraging their location platform, global brands such as GM, Toyota and AT&T deliver custom connected car and mobile experiences.  Additionally, advertisers such as Nissan, Denny’s, Walmart, and Best Buy reach millions of users with TeleNav’s highly-targeted advertising platform. TeleNav’s location platform powers personalized navigation, mapping, big data intelligence, social driving, and location-based ads.

We sat down with three automation engineers at TeleNav, whose focus is on the testing of an automotive navigation system, available in consumer cars. Their embedded HMI relies on the Qt® technology QML, and is tested on different platforms, including QNX® and Windows™. The engineers use the Squish GUI Tester to meet their test automation needs.

“We’ve created 800 tests that we run nightly”

When prompted, “Why Squish?”, the engineers reported having used Squish in the past and having had a positive experience with the tool. “Squish is always progressing,” said one engineer. Today, with over 800 automated GUI tests created with the tool, they are running these routinely in a Continuous Integration process, making use of object property verifications to verify QML properties and image comparisons for color variations. 

“It’s a great benefit being able to run on different platforms.”

When asked what the best return on investment these users see from Squish, they reported the amount of regressions detected, up to five to ten per week, when running their test suites routinely. The engineers also mentioned the ease of porting their tests to different platforms, running these suites automatically and without the need to make changes to their individual tests. 

The TeleNav engineers also mentioned some other salient benefits to incorporating the tool into their test automation processes. They noted the “biggest impact” being the ability to set up the environment for building a new framework. Second, one engineer reported the ease of writing and debugging tests within the IDE as a plus with Squish. They further stated that one of the most useful features is the Pick Object tool, which gives the possibility to navigate through the whole element tree.

In terms of future plans, the test automation group engineers plan to continue to increase automation coverage of their test suites. 

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