GUI Testing the Qt Creator IDE

The Qt Company, known worldwide for its cross-platform software framework, Qt, sat down with froglogic to discuss their use of the Squish GUI Tester to automate GUI tests of one of their premier development and design tools: Qt Creator. We interviewed Mr. Robert Löhning from The Qt Company to learn more about how his team is bringing high-quality, well-tested products to market through GUI test automation with froglogic’s tools. Qt Creator is a cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which enables developers to create applications on desktop, mobile and embedded platforms rapidly and fluidly. Qt Creator’s WYSIWYG advanced code editor allows for coding in multiple languages and includes features you’d expect from today’s IDEs, like code completion, syntax highlighting and code refactoring. It integrates with many popular Version Control Systems, features a Qt device emulator for testing and debugging, offers build and project management support built-in, and much more. Qt Creator also accepts contributions from the devoted community of Qt developers, making it a truly evolving, community-led project. Mr. Löhning, a senior software engineer with a decade-long tenure at The Qt Company, oversees the Quality Assurance program of Qt Creator and is involved in QA practices for all of Qt. Having, … Continue reading GUI Testing the Qt Creator IDE