“Our main goal is to detect bugs as soon as possible during the development process. In fact, the testing cycle is shorter, the human resources decreased, and the coverage is better.”, said Franck Collineau from the QA team at France Telecom.

We had the pleasure to interview Franck Collineau and Jean Marie Hallouet from Kereval, a France Telecom R&D partner, who use Squish for their automated GUI testing effort. Squish is used in their department for the GUI tests of a softphone application.

Froglogic: How did you learn about Squish and when did you start using it?

France Telecom: We learned about it on the Internet and started using it at the beginning of the year 2007.

Froglogic: What are the main reasons you decided to use Squish for your automated GUI tests? What are Squish’s main advantages over the competition?

France Telecom: The main reason is that Squish is the only professional Qt GUI testing tool on the market which can be used to develop Qt regression tests. The main advantages are

  • Capture/replay Qt recognition: All objects are correctly recognized
  • Manipulate dynamic objects using Qt API: List widgets, Tree widgets, etc.
  • Client/server Architecture: Possibility to execute tests on remote machines with the same script from one host.
  • Possibility to reuse test script code using shared scripts
  • One object map can be shared between test suites
  • Scripting support: Good and readable scripts with powerful and large APIs. We use Python.
  • Quality Center interface : Possibility to import/export Squish tests into HP (former Mercury) Quality Center and then execute tests from Quality Center

Froglogic: Are you satisfied with froglogic’s technical support service?

France Telecom: Yes, the support is very reactive and professional.

Froglogic: How many automated Squish tests cases do you approximately have by now?

France Telecom: More than 300.

Froglogic: Where do you see the main benefit of automated testing?

France Telecom: Automated tests are used to be executed on each generated batch (one batch per day). So the main goal is to detect bugs as soon as possible during the development process. In fact, the testing cycle is shorter (daily), the human resource decreased, and the coverage is better.

Froglogic: You are driving your automated Squish tests via HP’s (formerly Mercury) Quality Center and are using Squish’s Quality Center integration for that. How important is the Squish integration for Quality Center for you and your test automation process?

France Telecom: It’s important to integrate the test automation process in the production process. Quality Center allows us to execute our Squish tests during the night and have the results the next morning. Moreover the managers can analyze the requirements coverage.

Froglogic: Thanks a lot for your time!

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