“Froglogic Squish is a cross-platform UI automation testing tool that has made our lives so much easier when it comes to being ‘agile’.”


Global Graphics is well-known for its digital printing and document technology including the Harlequin and Jaws RIPs and the gDoc digital document software used in Digital Front Ends e.g. inkjet production presses and in desktop and mobile productivity software.


The company uses Squish GUI Tester to automatically test the user interface (UI) of Windows desktop, Android and iOS products.

Why Squish?

Global Graphics began investigating automated GUI testing because of the high manual testing overhead which meant that they were spending more and more time regression testing on products before a release.

Squish in Use

The most important value with Squish for Global Graphics is the ability to quickly and accurately identify the UI components you want to script up and perform all testing via scripting languages after UI components are mapped.


The biggest ROI with Squish is no more manual regression testing of products for every release. It also means, because there is no longer a regression phase in a release cycle required, they are releasable at any time in the true agile sense.

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