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Squish Support

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This evaluation guide assumes you have an active Squish GUI Tester evaluation or commercial license. Click here to request an evaluation.

1. Getting Support during your evaluation


froglogic offers email-based support as well as a comprehensive selection of online resources including screencasts, documentation, knowledgebase, tech articles and more.

2. Email-based Support

Email-based support

Read Getting Support to learn how to contact support and what information to include when requesting assistance.

3. Have Licensing Questions?

Prices are based on the number of concurrently running instances of the Squish development environment (Tester Subscription) and the number of concurrent test executions (Execution Subscription). Every floating seat supports all Squish editions for GUI toolkits like Qt, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Java and Web.

On top of that, each Squish Floating Tester Subscription Seat includes two Test Center User Subscriptions as well as technical support and updates. To use Squish on Embedded Targets, the additional Squish Tester Cross-compilation SDK add-on needs to be added for each Tester seat.


Subscription productsper month / per seat
with 1-year pre-payment
Squish Floating Tester Subscription499,17 €
Squish Floating Execution Subscription82,50 €
Squish Tester Cross-compilation SDK add-on, per tester249,17 €

The complete license text can be found here.
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