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How to Create Automated GUI Tests for Qt and QML Applications During this free webinar you'll learn:

- How to test Qt and QML Applications
- How to create & execute automated tests across multi-platforms
- The importance of true object-level access in automated GUI testing
- How to interact with Qt objects, widgets, properties & the API
- How to create tests that continue to work as your product evolves

Discover all benefits of Qt GUI Test Automation with the Squish GUI Tester at
May 11, 20212:00pm CEST1 hour
Improving Test Reports: Useful Features and Best Practices Clear, verbose and well-structured test execution reports can make a result analysis much easier and more accurate, especially when you have to deal with hundreds or even thousands executed test cases. Moreover, properly designed test reports can be used as living documentation for other stakeholders.
During this short webinar you will learn about Squish features and best practices that can help you create such reports.
May 18, 20212:00pm CEST1 hour
Designing Behavior-Driven GUI Tests within Cross-Functional Teams Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is an agile testing methodology that combines principles of Test-Driven Development with domain-driven design. The BDD method centers around stories written in simple, human-readable language, which focus on the desired behavior (the "what") of an application, rather than the implementation details (the "how"). BDD encourages collaboration between different stakeholders, both technical and non-technical, within a cross-functional team comprising product owners/managers, developers and quality assurance engineers. Collaboration by means of BDD is facilitated through the ubiquituous language used, which ensures no missed requirements from misunderstandings or misconceptions across roles. But what about automating it?

During this webinar, you'll learn how to:

- Implement cross-platform, automated GUI tests using the Squish GUI Tester following the Behavior-Driven Development paradigm.
- Collaborate in a cross-functional team to implement these Behavior-Driven GUI tests.
- Define a GUI test's feature file, written in human-readable language, independent of the application's widget toolkit.
- Implement simple and complex test scenarios comprising multiple steps in any scripting language supported by the Squish IDE.
- Execute these BDD tests, collect and evalute test results, and create well-structured test reports.
May 25, 20212:00pm CEST1 hour

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