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How to Create Automated GUI Tests for Embedded Applications Join a Squish expert and get familiar with Squish's dedicated support for test automation of embedded applications.

Duration: 30 minutes plus Q & A

During this free webinar you'll learn:
- Most common challenges of automating embedded GUI and HMI tests
- Squish setup for embedded testing using a target device
- How to create robust GUI automated tests (recording, scripting and adding
- How to execute tests in a distributed environment

Discover all benefits of Embedded Qt GUI Test Automation with the Squish GUI Tester at https://www.froglogic.com/squish/editions/automated-testing-embedded-qt-guis-hmis/
Jul 14, 202011:00am CEST1 hour
How to Create Automated GUI Tests for Qt and QML Applications During this free webinar you'll learn:

- How to test Qt and QML Applications
- How to create & execute automated tests across multi-platforms
- The importance of true object-level access in automated GUI testing
- How to interact with Qt objects, widgets, properties & the API
- How to create tests that continue to work as your product evolves

Discover all benefits of Qt GUI Test Automation with the Squish GUI Tester at https://www.froglogic.com/squish/editions/qt-gui-test-automation/
Jul 21, 202011:00am PDT1 hour
Getting Started with Squish Test Center, A Test Result Management System froglogic recently announced the newest addition to its software quality product portfolio: Squish Test Center.

Built to enhance your development workflow, Squish Test Center is a central, lightweight test result management database which connects test automation with the entire development process.

This webinar will get you started using Squish Test Center. We’ll cover:

1. - What is Squish Test Center?
- Concepts
- Storing results
- Browsing results
- Synchronization with 3rd party test management systems (Traceability)

2. - Demo: Result Analysis

3. - Integration with Test Automation
- How to Upload Results (via command line, using the Squish IDE, or as part of a CI server pipeline)
- Supported result formats

4. - Test Center Deployment, Requirements & Setup

5. - Integration with 3rd party Test Management
- Concepts

6. - Demo: Zephyr for Jira, Xray for Jira Integrations

A live Q&A will follow the demos and discussion.
Jul 28, 202011:00am CEST1 hour