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Squish 6.6 Feature Release Webinar

Jul 9, 202011:00am EDT1 hour

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Squish 6.6 brings with it powerful new features for improved automated GUI testing in multiple contexts. Lead engineers from our development and support
teams will demonstrate the latest additions to the tool throughout this 1-hour release webinar.

The webinar is divided into main feature categories, each comprising a 10-minute demo and discussion, followed by a 2-minute Q&A portion for each block:

- Scripting upgrades, Test Center & Squish IDE coupling, and general usability improvements for each edition.

- One-click remote control of your target.

- Testing Qt for WebAssembly content in Squish.

- Support for Windows Forms & WPF apps developed on .NET Core.

- Enhanced Android UI Automation.

Nick Medeiros, Technical Marketing Engineer, will be your host to guide the discussion.

We look forward to having you join us for a presentation of the exciting new features in Squish 6.6!

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