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Getting Started

What is Squish Test Center and how does it work?

Squish Test Center is a test result management system that can store the history of your test results for analysis of trends and platform-specific factors.

To trace back test results to test cases and requirements, links can be established back to the original items.

With a push of a button (or as part of a CI run) 3rd party test management and requirements management systems will receive notifications about the latest test results.
The documentation has a graphical conceptual overview drawing.

We have licenses for Squish 6.6.x. Can we directly install and use Test Center?

All Squish 6.6.x packages come bundled with Test Center. To get started using Test Center, you’ll need an activation code unique to the tool, separate from your Squish license key.

Contact us to begin an evaluation and get your activation code.

Where can I find Test Center documentation?

The latest Test Center 1.1 documentation is available freely online. You can view it here.

Does Squish Test Center work on my system?

The data storage and built-in server are designed to be very lightweight and runs on every average system running Linux, Windows or macOS. No server hardware or SQL database is required.

How do I apply for a trial?

Free and fully-functional trials can be requested via this web form.


What about an integration to other testing tools?

The initial focus is support for test results as produced by Squish GUI Tester. An integration with Coco is going to follow for code coverage. Given the generic JUnit import facility, almost any other testing tool’s output can be consumed however.

What about integration with my favourite Test Management or Requirements tool X?

There are many ready-made integrations for popular tools such as JIRA, TestRail, QAComplete, Zephyr and Xray. More integrations can be added rather easily given the underlying framework. Please let us know about your needs.

But even without dedicated support for a particular 3rd party tool the Generic integration features import and export of CSV files. With simple conversions to and from other formats, basically any other tool can be integrated.

Does Squish Test Center tie in with Jenkins?

Yes. The freely available Jenkins plugin features automatic uploads to Test Center after every test run in your CI system.

Does Test Center integrate with FogBugz?

Not currently. For issue tracking and reporting tools, we currently support integrating with Atlassian Jira.

FogBugz support, however, is tentatively scheduled in our development plans. If you’re a FogBugz user, comment below or shoot us an email as we’re currently gathering interest.

Are there plans to integrate Test Center with ALM / Quality Center from Micro Focus?

A Test Center integration with ALM / Quality Center from Micro Focus has garnered growing interest from our users. Support for this tool integration with Test Center is on the horizon.

User Interface & Concepts

How are results grouped by Test Center? What’s the difference between a project, a batch and a report?

Test Center Projects are used to separate test results which are not related. For example, if you’re using Test Center for managing results of multiple products, you’d have separate Test Center Projects for each of these products.

Batch is a group of labeled test Reports, where a report is one or more uploaded test results. Reports are for test results executed on one configuration. For defining those, you can tag your reports using labels, to specify attributes of that execution configuration.

A deep dive into how Test Center structures and groups results, plus examples, can be found in our documentation.

In earlier versions of Test Center, the Project Dashboard showed how many tests failed out of total. Why was that removed?

We made multiple improvements to the Dashboard, in the hope that we could provide the most useful information about your projects at-a-glance. Number of test failures in a batch, by itself, is not an informative metric. Now, not only the look of the Dashboard has been improved, but also its functionality. Here’s an overview of the new capabilities:

  • Batch names and associated labels displayed with test runs; labels shown are user-configurable.
  • Retrieve most recent results by execution date, upload date or for label value.
  • Comparison functionality accessible directly from the Dashboard.
  • Custom number of displayed results.
  • Filtering by relevance.

Is it possible to overwrite the ‘reds’ in the Explore page’s pie charts when a test suite is retriggered?

This is currently not possible, but as a workaround, we suggest removing the failed report and uploading the retriggered test.

Can you explain the ‘Retried’ metric when working with custom graphs?

Retried tests in Test Center are defined as test cases Squish tries to execute again after a failure. The number of retries are counted until the test passes.

More information on the retry option of squishrunner can be found in our documentation.

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