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Correlation Analyzer

Test results from multiple targets can be accumulated and analyzed for correlations between failures and factors like operating system.


Achieve traceability by optimizing tests and ensuring all requirements are fully realized through synchronizing your results with your favorite requirements…


Schedule commands for test executions, system cleanup tasks and more at selected intervals and specified times.

Test Framework Integrations

View test results within content pages on Atlassian Confluence, automatically open a defect ticket in JIRA and more with easy-to-setup…

User Management

View and manage the user list, grant account privileges, allow self-signups and more as administrator of your Test Center.

Anywhere Access

Test Center was built from the beginning to be a central, lightweight web database – access it from any device,…

Duration Tracking

Track the duration of your test executions and test suites over time, establish trends and correct for issues.

xUnit Import Support

Test Center isn’t limited to only GUI tests: with the built-in xUnit Framework plugin, unit tests results in the form…

Automatic Reporting

View test suite statistics, visualize trends and analyze historical data of your test executions with built-in, automatic statistical reporting of…

Instant Analysis

Implement automatic result uploads from your CI system to Test Center for instant analysis of your test executions. Alternatively, you…

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