Licensing and Prices

Test Center’s competitive pricing was designed to accommodate the needs of our customers, whether they be in a small team or part of an enterprise-level operation.

No matter your license package, you’ll have full access to all benefits of Test Center, including unlimited test execution import, advanced statistical reporting and full functionality of any of our 3rd party integrations.

Our pricing for Test Center is incremental based on the number of users, with discounts added for larger user groups.


Users Price Discount Price / User / Year
10 €2,000 €200
20 €3,920 2% €196
30 €5,820 3% €194
40 €7,680 4% €192
50 €9,500 5% €190
60 €11,280 6% €188
70 €13,020 7% €186
80 €14,720 8% €184
90 €16,380 9% €182
100 €18,000 10% €180
150 €25,500 15% €170
250 €37,500 25% €150

Above prices exclude VAT which will be added where applicable. US Dollar prices will be offered based on the current exchange rate.

How about Support & Updates?

Test Center licensing follows a subscription-based model. That is, access to Test Center is contingent on a renewable, one-year subscription.

Each Test Center subscription includes:

  • Complete access to and full-functionality of Test Center
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Access to all patch-level, minor and major releases of Test Center

Annual renewals are anticipated by our sales department to ensure uninterrupted access to your Test Center.

The complete license text can be found here.

I have more questions, who can help me?

Test Center pricing can be adapted to the size of your team and the needs of your company.

Contact us today to get a custom quote for your department.